December 18, 2013

Teacher Gifts

I have to be honest. I'm thrilled the years of purchasing teacher gifts are coming to an end. Bud is off to Middle School next year so that will only leave Boo's teacher to worry about.  I realize this isn't an obligation and that I put the stress on myself worrying about it. Sure a note would suffice, but everyone likes to receive a little gift!

Through the years I've done a variety of things and gift cards while practical seem impersonal to me. So this year I came up with this:

Each bowl has a package of Pepperidge Farm Peppermint Milano cookies, 2 specialty packs of hot chocolate, a little bag of marshmallows and some candy canes. I also added a small snowflake frame as a gift topper.  I used a business card and a blank holiday label as a gift tag and the boys addressed them to their teachers and bus driver. Cute, right?

Cute and done. That's what I'm calling it!

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