December 16, 2013

Pounds Will Be Gained

It's Food Fest week at work this week. It's an annual tradition which I love to hate. Instead of the free-for-all it usually is, we decided to have themed days. Today is Breakfast Day, Wednesday is Dip Day, and Friday is Mini Mania Day.

There are always TONS of leftovers so this is why we went with an every other day scheme as well.  So maybe I'll only gain 10 pounds instead of 20!

In honor of Breakfast day, I made this coffee cake. It just may be THE BEST coffee cake, just as the recipe claims! It's absolutely delicious!

I followed the recipe exactly except I did not add the pecans and I used 2% milk.  It also didn't specify whether to use dark or light brown sugar (I used dark.) It's a little heavy on the butter but seriously, who cares. It's THAT good.


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