November 8, 2013

Take That, Coach!

My son's team was tied with another team with an overall record of 7-2 for the season so they had to play an overtime situation game to decide who was ranked in 4th and 5th place.  Each team runs a series of offensive plays, hoping to score. Then the other team has a chance to score as well. 

Right before the game started, the opposing team's coach was overheard saying, "Team, look at that. Too white and too slow - we've got this!"

Yeah. In 2013 it's still alive and well.

So the game starts and 3 plays later we score first. The other team runs a few offensive plays and is down on the 2 yard line, just about to score. The ball is snapped and the quarterback fumbles the snap and we recover it. Game over. WE WIN!

Take that, "coach"!

Thanks to this win, we have a bye week this week with no game until next week.  This could be good or it could be bad ... a break like this can cause a momentum shift. But let's hope the team has a chance to rest and come out ready to win next week!

You might be thinking, "Well great! Now you can go to the wedding!"  Nope.  The husband's team is playing in the wild card game at 6 or 7pm tomorrow night.  So now I have a really nice dress and no where to wear it!

I might wear it on Christmas Day just because : )

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