November 13, 2013

Report Cards, Round 1

The first quarter of school is over and report cards are in.

My 6th grader pulled straight A's! I am so proud of him, especially given his football schedule. But I've noticed he gets better grades when he has a busy schedule. Less time to goof off, I suppose. Whatever - I'll take it! I hope this trend continues throughout the year.

My 4th grader did just as well, with all A's and a B in Reading. The B was a only a B by the skin of Boo's teeth which isn't surprising since reading is far from his favorite activity.  There is something about 4th grade because Bud also struggled a bit as well at the beginning of his 4th grade year too.

I'm extremely grateful that school work comes easily to my boys. They are both capable of earning good grades so we expect them to make the effort.  I don't tolerate messy work or being lazy when it comes to school work.

Our Good Grades contract is still in full effect. In fact, Boo purchased a small aquarium with his money this past weekend. He really wanted fish! The added bonus is that the cats actually enjoy these new pets (there is no hope for them ever loving Gunner!)

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