November 11, 2013

No-School November

November is here, in case you didn't know.  November is the month I often dread because my kids spend more time out of school then they do in school. It's crazy. And it's only like this in the state of New Jersey! For working families, it's not a fun time.

Last week they were off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. They were off Wednesday because we don't have Election Day off and Thursday and Friday because of the Annual NJ Teacher Convention that no NJ teachers attend!  My sister is a teacher in NJ and she's currently in Florida along with every other family from NJ. I personally know of 5 families that spent the last week in Disney. I'm sure the Orlando area is anxious for the Jersey invasion to leave.

Today starts a week - an entire week - of half days to accommodate parent-teacher conferences.  We've been in this school district for 6 years now and I still don't understand how parent-teacher conferences for a classroom of less than 20 kids takes that much time?!

Then we have a normal week of school, finally, and next thing you know it's Thanksgiving Break. 

Thanksgiving ... I wonder who is cooking this year!

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