November 4, 2013

Foyer Chair Makeover

I was looking for a small chair to sit in my foyer for quite awhile. I found one in good shape (but really  dirty) at Goodwill for $3 probably 6 months ago, I guess. I brought it home and scrubbed it with oxyclean. It was seriously amazing how much grime came off of this chair. The wood is old of course but it handled the scrubbing just fine.  I had thought about painting the wood but when it comes to old wood in decent shape, I have a hard time ruining it with paint!

I knew I wanted to recover it somehow but wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I just let the project sit for awhile. Sometimes that's best, you know.

With Christmas coming, and it is coming, (I'm sorry for the reminder!) I decided it was time to get serious and hit the fabric store.

Now, I'm not the best with showing the process pictures. Kudos to people who do but I find it really annoying to stop 10,000 times to take a picture!  But I think you will get the idea of what I did with the pictures below.

If I had a piece of advice?
Go slow.
And pull it tight!

I did not attempt to take this chair apart. I didn't think the chair itself could handle it. If you look closely at the picture, the original green cover on the chair is actually two pieces so I had to cover both pieces ... so I decided to add the foam to the top and just cover the entire thing, leaving the original seat in tact. It worked out great because it makes the chair look bulkier! If I ever decide to recover the recovered chair, it will be easy to do!

I wish I could be more bold with fabric but I decorate the foyer based upon the season so I'd rather stay neutral and add color and patterns with the decor.

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