November 14, 2013

eBay Time

I finally got off my lazy butt and got some stuff listed on eBay the other day.  I've always had good success selling my boy's gently used clothing. I have a lot of Christmas shirts and pajama sets that I never got around to listing last year. The time is now since Christmas only comes around once a year!

It's always been surprising to me how much people are willing to pay for quality gently used clothing. I suppose that it's just easier that way for some people. Maybe they don't like to shop in stores or have limited access to them.  It even possible that they purchase my stuff and resell it!

I used to purchase a decent amount of stuff from eBay when my boys were younger especially when we were trying to purchase hard to find toys.  But they aren't into toys anymore and all of our stuff has been packed away, tossed, sold at a yard sale, or given away.  I have a TON of Toy Story toys (older stuff) that I'm not willing to part with. Toy Story wasn't even popular when my oldest son was obsessed with the first two movies. Man I sound old and he's only 11! We also have quite a collection of Scooby Doo toys. You have no idea how much time I spent tracking down those toys! I can't think about parting with them either.

My point is, I only resell kid's clothing on eBay. There is a science to it too, like you can't expect to sell a bathing suit right now and receive a decent price for it.  If you sell a pair of jeans with a cute shirt as a set, it will sell at a higher price then if you sold them separately. I don't buy things at stores to turn around and sell on eBay. Who has time for that?!

Now is the time for Christmas-themed auctions. Hopefully after Thanksgiving (because many people travel and are too busy shopping stores on Black Friday!) I can get plethora of slim jeans and some other stuff listed as well. A little extra Christmas money always helps!

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