October 24, 2013

What's On Your DVR

I think I watch too much television but I can't help it. Once the fall TV line up hits, I'm completely and totally engrossed in TV. And thanks to the invention of the DVR, it makes TV viewing easier and more enjoyable because you can fast forward through commercials. Simply being able to press that button saves so much time. You can watch an hour show in 40 minutes or less. For a busy mom like me, that's golden.

Here's what my TV line-up looks like:

Monday: Mom, Castle, The Blacklist, Hostages (My Husband records The Voice)

Tuesday: Nothing!

Wednesday: Back in the Game, Chicago Fire

Thursday: Big Bang Theory, Sean Saves the World

Friday: Nothing!

Saturday: Nothing!

Sunday: Revenge, The Good Wife

I also watch a few shows that are still on hiatus, including The Following, and Dallas.

I think that's it?  I don't watch any reality TV, although I will watch some of the Voice once they narrow it down to the final rounds. I don't like investing that much time into a show to have my favorite voted off early on! That goes for American Idol too.

I also really enjoyed The Killing this past summer. Apparently it was the 3rd season of the show? But I had no idea ... had never seen it advertised before. But I gave it a shot and it filled the summer void left by my favorite crazy dude, Joe Carroll.  I think I might be bad luck for some shows because when I start watching them, and really enjoying them, they get canceled.  I'm still mad about the canceling of Smash!

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