October 9, 2013

Post Party Update

I survived the weekend of parties!

Our first hosted sleepover went well, although not much sleeping went on.  Around midnight, I attempted to get them to settle down - and they were all laying around playing on their devices - so I thought they would soon fall asleep. That was a wrong assumption to make. But really, how could they not be tired after being at school all day?!  However long they stayed up (there are still conflicting reports about that) they were quiet because they didn't wake me up!

My "smart" 11 year old stayed up all night. He was adamant he was not tired, even when I begged him to take a nap (since he had a football game at 6pm that night.)  All it took was a 5 minute ride to the field and he was dead asleep in the car ... but he powered through the game but totally crashed after that. I had to wake him up at 10:30 on Sunday morning!

The Sweet 16 party went really well.  The decorating we did was just enough and made the place look nice.  She had a great time dancing with her friends!

And the cake? The cake was just a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

A big thanks to my talented BIL (who only made one small photoshop mistake! Do you see it?) and his SIL's cake decorating abilities!

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