October 4, 2013


I've been a blog slacker this week ... but I suppose it really doesn't matter.  The big Sweet 16 Party is tomorrow night so wrapping up all the loose ends has been time consuming, along with our normal weekly activities and homework requirements. And throw in a 12hr stomach bug!

For added fun (?), Boo is having some friends sleepover tonight for his 9th birthday which is tomorrow. Go big or go home, right?

A sleepover is easy enough though ... pizza will be ordered, a movie will be picked up and popcorn will be popped.  Cupcakes were baked (and Gunner helped himself to 8 of them... he's an asshole sometimes!)  I purchased the boys flashlights so a game of flashlight tag will be played. And if they want, they can go swimming?!

Yeah ... the pool. It's finally fixed. I can't even recall if I discussed the pool woes here but the liner has been repaired and the liner lock track was replaced.  It takes some time to refill a large pool (can't wait for that water bill...). The water was treated and the filter is running. Once that's all good to go, we can close the pool the proper way.  I suppose it's good the weather warmed back up?! They just might be able to get one more swim in!

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