September 23, 2013

Weekend Sports Recap

We're a good three weeks into the Fall sport's season and it's been .... interesting.  I'm very close to abandoning kid's sports all together.  Why must some parents be so snotty? It baffles me.  Soccer parents are an interesting crew, especially on this team.

Boo's soccer team won their 1st game on Sunday. They are now 1-2.

Bud's football team lost on Saturday. They are now 2-1.

And the Senior team The Husband is coaching lost again. They are now 0-3, which is wreaking havoc on the coaches and what they need to change, do different, etc ... but the reality is, our team is small compared to the other teams in the league. Small doesn't compete well against big and fast.

For added fun on Saturday night under the lights, it poured - P O U R E D.  It started around half time during the Senior's game.  We were all soaked. The kids watching the game were using the grass as a slip-n-slide. They all had a blast!

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