September 25, 2013

Ultimate Party Food List

I don't know what life is like in your little corner of the world, but around here, Fall is prime time for get togethers of all kinds.  It could be all the Fall birthdays or it might be football but whatever the reason, planning the food can be a challenge. I get bored of the same appetizers and main dishes served over and over again.

I have a friend that serves the same food at every party she has, no matter what the reason or the season. Baked Ziti, hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese gets old ... I don't care how easy it is to prepare for a large group of people. Sometimes you have to put in a little more effort and creativity!

I came across this massive list of all things party food. It seriously has anything you might be looking for (except for "fancy" main dishes!)  

I currently have three parties I am planning, all three within 6 days of each other. I may be slightly crazy. Or, I may be crazy by the time it's all over.

I hope you find the list as helpful as I have!  I saw the Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread on Pinterest awhile ago (#25 on the list) and that is on the appetizer list for my son's 9th birthday party with the family!


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