September 18, 2013

The Funk

I have so much going on right now between work, school, sports, keeping up with household chores, the Sweet 16 party, and Boo's birthday that I'm in a funk ... I long for longer days. I wish I felt like my day job was actually accomplishing something. It might make it easier to go to work everyday. Most days I feel like I'm just wasting my time and I sit and think of the thousand things I could be doing instead.

But change is hard, especially when you have no idea what type of job to search for and it's easier just to stay where you have (some) job security.  I think I'm just bored with my line of work in general but now what? Nothing seems appealing to me nor does going back to school.

I'm sure that sounds lazy but I'm not a lazy person and going back to school doesn't always solve the problem! I have a BS degree in Accounting and 18 years of work experience under my belt, most of that spent in an auditing position.  But I'm bored, really bored....

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