September 11, 2013


I didn't know anyone directly impacted by the attack on the Twin Towers in NYC that fateful day 12 years ago but I do remember exactly where I was when I heard about it.

I was at work listening to Good Morning America on the radio. I doubt I'll ever forget the fear I heard in the anchors' voices that morning when everyone realized what was going on. I'll never forgot how eery it was leaving work that day because the streets of Philadelphia were empty. I'll never forget how quiet the skies were that day and the days that followed. I'll never forget the heart-wrenching stories that began emerging and all the people desperately searching for their loved ones.

I was just a few weeks pregnant at the time and didn't realize just how much the world would change. You hear lots of talk about "pre 9/11" and "post 9/11" and my children will never know a "pre 9/11" world.

So today I'm taking a moment to remember all the victims, the family members, the policemen, the firefighters, and other first responders that were there on that day, many of which risked their own lives to do their job.  Thank you for bringing out the best in humanity in the midst of such evil.

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