September 26, 2013

More Sweet 16 Stuff

Now that the party planning in under control, a place has been booked, and a DJ too, now I can focus on the details.  We aren't going super elaborate with the party decor b/c normal people don't have time for that but I think the party will still be nice.

For the tables, I have tin pails  for the centerpieces. I'm going to fill them with either tissue paper or basket filler and tie balloons to them. I'll probably need a weight/rock in the pails to keep them on the tables!

I'm making a bunting out of craft paper and jute to string along the food and dessert tables.

The dessert table is where all the action will be ... There will be cake, cookies and brownies and a small candy bar.  I found awesome glassware cheap at two different discount stores near my house. I'll also be using some silver wrapping paper around some different sized boxes to add some height to the table and the treats.  I really hope the table ends up looking like it does in my head!

In the mean time, I've also been working on these two things:

I customized the candles to go with the colors we chose for the party.  I simply took the candle, and using a razor blade, gently scraped off the red lines. Then I painted the inside of the numbers with craft paint and used silver glitter glue as the outline.  It turned out great! And SO easy to do!!

And the giant J ... any idea? Stay tuned. That also got a purple puffy makeover!

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