August 16, 2013

Yard Sale Success

Last Friday I packed up my car full - literally full - of stuff to sell at my mother-in-law's community yard sale scheduled for Saturday.  It was a lovely day, a little warm but nothing unbearable. And hey, it's August, it's supposed to be warm!

I'm happy to report the yard sale was a big success. I sold pretty much everything I had brought and in the end netted $230. Not bad at all!  A few of the leftovers went right to the curb, a few things went to a local mission, and only three things came back home with me, destined to be eBay'd.

I'd call that a successful day!

My house feels a ton lighter.  It's a good feeling.

I'm also happy to report I still possess mad packing-the-car skills .... which brought me back to my college days and jam-packing that car every August and May for four years! Ah, memories ...

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