August 6, 2013

Pool Ownership Sucks

I'm ready to just tear down our above ground pool.  The liner patches aren't holding so we have no choice but to drain the pool and pray a "professional" can fix it. The sand underneath the liner is all rippled so the bottom of the pool is now bumpy. It's a mess. A giant mess.

I hate pools, I really do.

On the bright side, The Cape May Zoo is really nice. We spent the day there yesterday with some family members. We had never been there before but I was pleasantly surprised!  It was very clean and didn't smell much like a zoo at all. And you can't beat the free admission and free parking!  We made a donation of course, but it didn't cost any where near as much as it would have if we spent the day at the Philadelphia Zoo!

So if you've never been there and you're within a reasonable driving distance, it's worth visiting

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