August 14, 2013

Goodbye, Verizon Internet

Ever have one of those periods of time when technology just continually pisses you off? I'm there. Between phone issues, wifi issues, and a new computer, it makes me wish it was 1990 all over again. Life was simple back then, it really was. The only distraction in your car was loud children or friends or the radio.

We've been having home phone and wifi issues for quite some time and Verizon said they would come take a look but I'd have to pay a $95 service fee just to have the technician come in my front door and $50 an hour for every hour he had to stay. Really? I pay a monthly bill for YOUR services, isn't that enough? Two years ago when I subscribed to your service all you did was send a box in the mail with instructions that said "plug it in" and you're telling me that in two years, I can't get 1 "free" service call to correct a problem YOU acknowledge when a "line test" is performed on a line you didn't install from the start?

I hate the game, I really do.

No amount of phone calls and arguments with Verizon Customer Service did anything to fix the ongoing problem because I refused to agree to the service appointment fees. But then a funny thing happened. On Monday I called to cancel our account and now they offered to waive the service fees. Are you freaking kidding me? After calls and calls and calls reporting service issues and you wait until I actually contact the cancellation department to do something about it?!

Too late. You're a day late and a dollar short. Comcast came on Sunday and installed a CABLE line for our wifi internet access.

Maybe if Verizon concentrated more on actually providing customers with the services they pay for instead of farming out line issues to customer service agents located abroad, maybe I'd still be a customer today.

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