August 20, 2013

Bummer Summer

There was only one thing I wanted to do get done this summer but it didn't happen. Life happened and so did the great basement clean-out. Then of course there are the ongoing pool issues. And weeds. God I hate weeds. 

Then I blinked and August and football arrived and for added fun, there's soccer too. 

I'm not complaining, I'm truly not. I suppose I'm just frustrated with the lack of hours in a day and my husband's lack of drive to get anything done. 

If I want to get anything extra done, it means other things are let go ... like laundry and general cleaning. I can't let the cleaning go because the beloved pup is still shedding fiercely. It's like a sheep was sheered in my house every day. Crazy amounts of hair, no matter how much we brush him.

So because the dog hair drives me more crazy than the unfinished bathroom, cleaning wins.  And so does watching Mistresses - love that show!

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