August 21, 2013

20 Pounds of Fur

Gunner had his yearly check-up at the Vet earlier this week. He was loved by all, especially when he jumped up with his front paws on the receptionist desk to greet the girls behind the counter. He's almost as tall as me when he does that ... it's crazy!

He's weighing in a hefty 99 pounds and officially weighs more than my 11 year old.

He was very well behaved and took his shots like a champ. He didn't even flinch.

He's still going to training and we got word this past weekend that he's being "released" soon, only 2-3 more sessions. I couldn't be happier b/c while the training has done wonders for him, I'm really tired of going every Saturday morning!

Now, if we can just cure all the insane shedding he'd be the perfect dog!

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