July 12, 2013

Pool Follies

What's wrong with this picture?

Yeah, something tells me water shouldn't be squirting out like that.  The first time I asked my 11 year old what happened I got a story about how the skimmer pole fell and did that. Really? That's the story you're going with? A skimmer pole that weighs about 2 pounds shifted the "nut" like that? We'll get back to that part of the story...

In the meantime, my immediate concern was shutting off the power to the pump/filter and plugging the pool so my backyard would not turn into an actual swamp. Since The Husband was at work, I attempted to get a friend and a neighbor to come take a look but did you know? People actually have lives and don't sit at home on Saturday nights? News to me!

After a few harried minutes and several curse words under my breathe later, the water eventually stopped squirting out. A few minutes later, the extra boy that was at my house was picked up so now the real interrogation could begin.

"Are you going to tell me what really happened? Or are you going to lie to me again and wait until your father gets home and beats your a$$?"

With that option looming overhead, he came clean. He was walking along the edge of the pool to grab a tube and he fell backwards into the pump/filter, dislodging it. And that's when he turned around to show me the large mark on his back from the fall.  I had a tiny bit of sympathy for him but was really mad he decided to lie to me, especially when a Kindergartener could figure out a falling skimmer pole wouldn't move the whole pump!  He was afraid he'd get in trouble for walking on the edge, when they've been told not to probably 100 times.  Yet you didn't consider the consequences for lying?  Lying is worse, oh dear son of mine!

The good news is nothing was broken but The Husband had to take everything apart and put it all back together. I'm glad Bud wasn't seriously hurt. There were consequences for the lie and I hope he learned a lesson. The truth, while difficult to admit sometimes, will always be the wisest thing to say.

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