July 10, 2013

Foyer Closet Mini Re-Do

In my old house, I had one very small closet on the main floor. It was awful. In this house, I have a spacious closet which is really just a magnet for a cluttered mess! I finally took control of it this past long holiday weekend and it only cost me $20.

I suppose the before picture doesn't look that scary but I had taken a few things out of there before I thought to snap a picture.  Now all the camera equipment/bags/cords are all in one cube and so on. I was able to reserve one cube for some non-holiday decorations that I change out frequently in the foyer area. Yay for organization!  The cubes were purchase at a local Big Lots store and were $4.99 each.  I will likely label the cubes but still trying to decide on how I should do it.

Now I won't mind if the sliding closet doors are left open occasionally!

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