June 5, 2013

The Boat ~ The Norwegian Breakaway

I suppose not many people can say they've been on a brand new cruise ship and it's their first time ever taking a cruise and their first time leaving the country. That's a lot of firsts, huh?  Our cruise last week aboard the Norwegian Breakaway was the boat's third ever sailing. And it's a beautiful boat!

We had zero problems (or lines!) checking in or boarding the boat. We arrived at the terminal in NYC around 10:45 am and 15 minutes later we were checked in. They weren't boarding at that time so we decided to take a walk around a neighboring pier to kill some time. The boys got a kick out of a dog park that was nearby. "Where's the grass?" they asked ... I guess they need to spend some more time in the city!

A short time later we able to board the boat. Wow. Sooo nice!  

We spent quite a bit of time exploring the boat and then made our way to one of the restaurants for our first meal on board the boat.  The boys were immediately attracted to the self-serve ice cream machine. Shocking news, I'm sure! 

We did some swimming, the water slides, the ropes course, the arcade, the shops ... we basically did it all.  We crashed early that first night. We were exhausted!

I can tell you I'm already itching to book another cruise!  I know, crazy, because we just got back. I wonder if I can convince The Hubby to take another cruise next year ...

More cruise stuff to come!

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