June 27, 2013

Planning a Simple July 4th BBQ

When browsing Pinterest, you can quickly start to feel completely inadequate when it comes to planning party. All the elaborate and intricate tablescapes can make your head spin and wonder how in the world anyone has time for that.  That's exactly what goes through my mind with about 70% of what I see on Pinterest. But you know what? It doesn't have to be that difficult and time consuming to be nice. There is such a thing as too much!

I always start with the theme and the reason you are having the party. Then focus on a centerpiece and/or some simple table decorations to spruce it up a bit. Remember, even the food can be part of the decor! I did find this link to some really cute free printables which I may incorporate as well:

Planning the menu should be the most time consuming in my opinion. Let's face it, people are there to EAT and socialize not gawk at your decor.  You won't find me putting utensils in folded napkins wrapped in twine with cute little tags! Sure, that's cute, but not something I would take the time to do.

For our BBQ next week, I picked up a red, white, and blue plaid tablecloth on sale for $1.79.  I plan to buy a patriot-themed floral bouquet to make a suitable centerpiece for the table. I will add a few jar candles to the table as well and call it done! The food and various serving pieces I have will decorate the rest of the table.

I'm still trying to nail down the appetizers but we will be eating hand-pressed fresh hamburgers, hot dogs, and marinated (and then grilled) chicken & veggie skewers (recipe to be shared!) Sides will consist of my Father-in-law's always requested macaroni salad, a pasta salad, and deviled eggs. We will have all the extras too, like lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Pickles are a must in our family.

Desserts are the best part about having a party so I do tend to go a bit overboard in this area.  I'll be dipping pretzels rods in chocolate and coating them with festive sprinkles.

I will be making these, the kid-friendly version:

I also picked up this cake mix will make festive cupcakes for the kids.

And you can't forget the watermelon. It isn't a summer BBQ unless you serve it!

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