June 10, 2013

More Bermuda

Days 4,5, and 6 were spent exploring the island of Bermuda. We didn't really have a master plan but had some things we definitely wanted to see and do, while also keeping the boys entertained as well.

We started off in St. George, taking the ferry from King's Wharf.  The cruise staff endlessly warned us against renting scooters on the island (cars are not available to rent!). Driving in Bermuda is opposite of what it is in the US, so it can be confusing, especially if it's new to you. It was new to us.  We decided utilizing the ferries and buses was the best and safest means for us to get around.

However, the roads in Bermuda are very narrow, there doesn't seem to be a speed limit, and there is very little signage on the island.  And the bus drivers are slightly crazy! It was an adventure, that's for sure!  We joked that we wanted t-shirts that said "We survived riding the bus in Bermuda" and low and behold, on the final day while shopping for some souvenirs, we saw such t-shirts for sale. Funny stuff!

Another day we concentrated our sights on the city of Hamilton, also using the ferry from King's Wharf. This city reminded me the most of home. Or at least of a resort town in Florida or the like. They even have a KFC! No other chain-franchises are allowed in Bermuda. They are illegal!

We visited the Bermuda Underwater Exporation Institute. A neat place, filled with information about the water surrounding Bermuda, a very large shell collection, and tons of displays from shipwrecks that occurred near Bermuda.  We happened to be the only people there when we visited! I suppose it's not a top tourist destination for most visitors but we found it interesting and the admission was reasonable. And it was air conditioned.

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