June 25, 2013

Gunner 1; Cats 0

For an entire year, Gunner has been trying to "be friends" with my cats. And by "be friends" I mean eat.  I had foolishly hoped that since  they were already in the house when Gunner was brought home, that he'd be gentle and calm around them giving them a chance to warm up to him.

Boy was I wrong.

When he sees one of them, he goes nuts - absolutely insane. His bark is playful but he's a German Shepherd. His bark intimidates everyone. Because of his insane reaction to seeing a cat, he isn't allowed to roam the house. I'm constantly running interference between him and the cats. It's tiring but as a result, the gates must stay. I tell myself it's exercise to hop over gates all the time. It counts, right?!

I miss the days when Tibby used to LAY on our other dog. I have pictures. It happened. But she hisses and swats and spits at Gunner. She h.a.t.e.s. him.

The other night, it finally happened. He got his wish. He got a cat:

I really liked this decoration too. I still haven't found the button that was on the star. I guess he ate it.

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