June 6, 2013

Cruise: Days 2 and 3

When we woke up the next morning, we saw nothing but water. Boo climbs out of his bed, blinks a few times and says, "Well, we're still alive!"

I think I laughed for a good five minutes. I'm not sure what he expected or what he thought was going to happen but yes, we were still alive.

After breakfast, we played a round of mini golf and then headed up to the basketball court for Family Dodgeball. A decent number of other families showed up to play too, so this made it all the more fun! I think they should have played it again later on during the week when everyone was sick of each other!

After lunch, we convinced the boys to give the kid's club a try while we attended a short information session about Bermuda. They went reluctantly. Because of their ages, they weren't in the same group. One group was ages 6-9 and another was ages 10-12. We asked if they could just stay together but they wouldn't allow it. Other families weren't happy about it either. There may have been a lot less crying from younger siblings if they weren't so rigid with the rules.  I can understand it for kids under the age 6 but not for the older kids.  

We got dressed up and had dinner in one of the nicer restaurants.  I can seriously get used to having someone cater to my every whim! We ordered two drinks with dinner and for some reason, a Long Island Iced Tea was cheaper than a Cosmopolitan? Made no sense!  The food so far has been very good so zero complaints there!

Earlier in the afternoon the captain came over the speaker to let us know someone needed to be medically evacuated by the boat so we had turned due West to head back toward the mainland in order to meet up with a Coast Guard helicopter. Little did we know, the chopper would approach from our side of the boat!  

It was pitch black outside and suddenly the helicopter appeared. It looked like it was going to land in our room! The boys were beyond entertained! The chopper hovered over the front of the boat for about 10 minutes while someone was hoisted into the helicopter. We never did learn was the problem was but I hope the person is okay. After the slight detour, we were back on course with no expected delay to our arrival in Bermuda.


The following day was our final day at sea before reaching Bermuda. After a late breakfast, we lounged by the pool the entire day. It was heavenly.

We had dinner alone at a specialty restaurant that evening - Cagney's Steakhouse. It was a superb meal. Giant shrimp cocktail and wedge salads to start, followed by perfectly cooked filet mignon that melted in your mouth. For dessert, The Hubby chose a warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream while I had the raspberry creme brulee.  The meal was worth the extra $30 per person charge. You can never eat at a high-end steak restaurant, including dessert, for $60 at home!

After dinner, we picked up the boys and headed back to our room to change into warmer clothing to prepare for a visit to the Ice Bar! Yes, the boys were permitted to participate! They were so excited. It was a chilly 17 degrees in the bar so hoodies and socks/sneakers are a must. They do give you a fur-lined poncho and knit gloves to wear too.

Tomorrow morning we wake up IN Bermuda!!!!

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