June 18, 2013

Catching Up

Because of our trip late last month and the boy's spring sport schedules, we are behind in the yard work this year. Our pool isn't even open yet. But thankfully, the pool people are coming tomorrow to take care of that. Better late then never, I suppose.

On Saturday morning I took our large puppy back to dog training. He hadn't been to training in almost two months. Again, with the sports, his neutering, rain and the trip - - life got in the way. The trainer we use is not close to us so mid-week training sessions are not possible.  I'm hoping to wrap up the training by the end of the summer!

On the way home from training, I suddenly had a huge burst of energy and made a plan to go buy mulch for the backyard.  The mulch was bought, put in the car, unloaded and spread in under two hours - all by myself.

I. am. woman.

I also had my first harvest of the vegetable growing season - green beans!

I've never grown green beans before but apparently all it takes is sun and water. I did nothing special!  

The cucumber plants look fantastic and I should be able to pick the 1st one within the next two weeks. I cannot wait. There is nothing like a fresh cucumber picked from your yard. I wish I could grown them year-round!

The tomato plants also look great. I am surprised. I've had trouble growing tomatoes in the past but I think this year I may have it figured out.  

The strawberries .... I'm majorly disappointed. These plants have been in the ground for three years now and I should have a strawberries coming out my ears by now. I'm not sure what is going on but the berries are small and sparse. Time to google, I guess!

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