June 11, 2013

Bermuda's Gorgeous Beaches

We visited three beaches during our stay in Bermuda. Each were absolutely beautiful in their own way.  I will reconsider sticking my toes into the Atlantic Ocean at the Jersey shore ever again after seeing the crisp, clean, and debris-free water in Bermuda. Yes, it really is that blue and clean. It's amazing!!

A note about Horseshoe Bay:

1.  It's supposed to be a pink sanded beach. Eh, there's a pink hue, I suppose, from this overview photo that I took. But if you're actually on the beach, it didn't look pink to us at all. Maybe I should get my eyes checked?!

2.  There are beautiful rock formations on the beach and of course my boys had to scale it as soon as they realized other people were too.  I quickly followed behind for fear they'd fall off. It is extremely high but just look at the gorgeous view you had from the top!

The boys had a fabulous time on the beaches. My Hubby isn't a beach person so this wasn't his favorite part of the trip but he sucked it up and did his best to enjoy the view. How could he not!

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