May 21, 2013

Scary Picture

My dining room is starting to look like a bomb went off in it. You'd never know we had a small party at our house on Saturday night and it was perfectly clean and neat!

I decided this would be the room to coordinate everything. It's no fun lugging heavy suitcases down the stairs.

On Sunday I made a sizable donation to Target. You're welcome, Target stockholders.

I've been doing laundry nonstop because of freak that I am, I can't have a bunch of dirty things laying around the house when we leave.  Coming home to a mess is no fun and I'll have enough laundry to do when we get back!

Can I get an amen? No? You don't clean your house top to bottom before you go away? It's just me? Figures! I'm beginning to think I should start my own house cleaning business. I'd be damn good at it.

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