May 23, 2013

Nail Polish Strips

So much planning and preparation goes into taking a vacation. So much anticipation! And then you get home and probably sink into a semi-depressed state because after all the planning and anticipation and now it's over. Now you have nothing to plan ... unless you start planning your next trip. Ha! With as much money as we're spending for this cruise, I'll be lucky to convince The Husband to go anywhere before 2015.

But hey, he doesn't have to go, does he?

Now it's time to think about nails and toes.

I used to get artificial tips put on my fingers a lot. But I gave it up about two years ago. I was tired of the habit and being a slave to the nail salon every two weeks. Throw in a few too many crappy refills at various nail salons and it wasn't hard to give up.  

However, manicures suck too. Your nails look great for 1 day and then the paint inevitably starts to chip. It never fails.  I found a nail polish (base) called Gelous which seems to help keep the nail color on longer but it's not perfect either.

So enter Sally Hansen.  I've been wanting to try the nail polish strips for awhile and now I have a reason - vacation!  And they make them in french mani? Score!

They were a bit of a pain to peel the backing off the strips.  You apply the white strip first and then a clear coat strip goes over top.  The best part about them is the no drying time. After I got them on, I did apply a coat of the Gelous polish hoping it would give them extra strength against chipping and peeling.

It's been two days - not one chip! So far, so good!

A glorious pedicure is on tap for tomorrow.

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