May 16, 2013

Garden Makeover

We are in the middle of a front garden makeover by yours truly and my husband. This has been an on-going project since we moved in to remove all the pavers and replace all of the shrubbery surrounding our house. Why remove the pavers you ask? Because the previous owners did not install them correctly and it looked horrible and plus, they were red pavers. Ugly! One year we did half of it and the next we did nothing except rip a few things out, add some flowers and mulch. The next year we had a french drain installed in the backyard along the fence to help with out water issue and last year we finally finished that landscaping.  But this year, I finally got sick of looking at the unfinished second half out front so it became my mission to get it done before the weather turns hot. No one wants to work in their garden when it's 95 degrees outside!

Plants and bushes are expensive. I'm clearly in the wrong business. I should be growing plants and selling them because the mark up on them has to be about a million percent. Yesterday we bought 4 butterfly bushes ($25 each) and 7 other ground cover-type plants and spent $195.  Crazy! These were bought a local nursery near our home, not at Home Depot or the like. I'm the one who has to do all the work to make sure the plant survives, so why are they so expensive?!

We still need a few more well-placed plants and some flowers to finish it off and need to order the mulch and stones for the side of the house. But after that, it's D-O-N-E. Finally. Almost five years later.

Yep. Five years.  I promise to share a picture soon!

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