May 22, 2013

Doggie Daycare, Take 1

On Monday Gunner when to the doggie daycare place where he will be staying while we're gone.  It was in part to acclimate him to the place but also to test his temperament and make sure he can get along with other dogs.  I was a little concerned that it might be an issue, given his reaction to a few dogs in our neighborhood. To his defense, these neighborhood dogs are small and mean ... so he's just being mean back!

A vicious cycle, is it not?

When we arrived, I spoke to the owner for a few minutes updating them on current Gunner news.  They gave me an overview of their process and how they will introduce him to the other dogs. Then I handed them his lease and they attempted to walk off with him. Attempted. Gunner was like "No way Hosea - I want my Mommy!"  Given his resistance, they had me walk him out to the fenced area outside. Again they tried to take him from me and again, he resisted.

At this point, I was having flashbacks to when I used to drop my youngest off at daycare. I'm not joking. It was so eerily similar except Gunner can't cry, scream, and wrap his arms around my neck in a death grip.

I ended up having to enter the fenced in area with Gunner in order for him to calm down. And thankfully, he did.  He began sniffing and peeing all over the place.  He was very curious about the dogs that were lining up on the other side of the fence to sniff him out. A few minutes later, I snuck out.

I returned three hours later and he was very happy to see me. They had nothing but nice things to say about Gunner. They said he is a beautiful dog with a great disposition, even though he was very nervous. They called him a big mush! But they assured me it was a normal reaction for most newcomers.  I was just thrilled he didn't try to eat anyone because of the dogs he was with, he was definitely the biggest one there when I left.

When we got home, Gunner was exhausted. He drank a lot of water and passed out. He slept for almost three hours!  If that's what doggie daycare does to him, we may be going regularly from now on!

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