May 15, 2013

Baked Potatoes in the Crock-Pot

When I was in 5th grade, a group of us got in trouble while on a school trip to see a play.  I still don't understand what we did was so horrible but apparently we were loud and ran across the grass instead of being quiet and orderly and walking on the sidewalk.  Because of this, we were required "I will practice self-control at all times" 500 times.  That was our punishment.  This happened on a Friday, I believe, and we had to finish it by Monday. But it was my birthday that weekend and this hung over me like a black cloud.  I wrote and wrote and wrote but to a 10-turning-11-year-old, that's a lot of writing.  Ever since then, I'd swear my birthday was cursed. Something bad or sad always seemed to happen around my birthday after that.  

I may now need to add other special days to that list.  Mother's Day sucked. And I think that's all I'm going to say about it for now. But did you know you can "bake" baked potatoes in a crock-pot?

You totally can.

I fit 17 baking potatoes into my crock-pot on Sunday. Each were cooked to perfection in 8 hours. 

Step 1:  Scrub the potatoes well; let them dry.
Step 2:  Using a paper towel, rub some olive around each potato, sprinkle with sea salt & wrap each potato in tin foil.
Step 3:  Place each potato in the crock pot, seam-side up.
Step 4: Cook for 8 hours on low.
Step 5:  Eat! 

I would do this again in a heartbeat. It worked really, really well. But next time I will rotate the potatoes half way through cooking to make sure the bottom potatoes don't overcook. 

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