April 15, 2013

Recipe Book Fail

Recently my son had to submit a recipe to go along with a story they were reading in school. The teacher said she'd assemble all of the recipes into a "Class Cookbook" and send it home as soon as it was completed.  My older son also did this while he was in 3rd grade, so I was looking forward to seeing the recipes compiled by this class.

It's awful. First and foremost, this was a writing assignment and supposed to be written on the form sent home by the teacher. Many of the recipes you can tell were printed directly from websites and/or written by the parents. One girl sent in a "recipe" for chocolate covered strawberries using Baker's Dippin' Chocolate cups.

Now, I realize cooking and baking isn't everyone's cup of tea, but a little effort would have been nice.  Since my son's favorite food is pancakes, we sent in an easy recipe for from-scratch pancakes.

But this, clearly written by a parent, took home the prize:

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