April 5, 2013

Playing Hookie

I had to take a day off from work this week to get some doctor visits taken care of for the boys. First up was a return visit to the dentist to have a total of 3 cavities filled.  Apparently dentistry has come a long way since the last time I had a cavity filled. They now use a laser to zap out the decay in a tooth. 

Say what? No more traumatizing needle to the gum?  I hate to say it, but I'm slightly disappointed this turned out to be such a fun visit for my boys. Now getting a cavity filled is not a big deal so why bother brushing our teeth well?!  That's exactly what they think now.

The good news for Son #2 was that his 2 cavities were in baby teeth so he gets a second chance once his adult teeth finally poke through.  Son #1's cavity was in one of his adult molars. He needs to be more careful about brushing his teeth thoroughly.

We spent the in between appointment times shopping at Target, eating lunch at McDonald's, and stopping at my brother-in-law's new gym space. The boys had a blast trying out all the equipment he has to use for workouts.

The second appointment of the day was a well visit for #1.  Although he only grew 2 inches in the past year, he gained 14 pounds!  I could swear he grew more than two inches, but I watched the nurse measure him. I'll just rejoice in the fact that he's still a good 7 inches shorter than me!

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