April 11, 2013

Kitchen Tip of the Week

Wednesday nights are our one night of the school and work week when we don't have a sports practice to attend. So I feel obligated to cook dinner on that night.  Cooking dinner has become just that - an obligation - because I am a short order cook. I realize this is entirely my fault but if anyone has been paying attention, you know I have a child with food issues.  And when you have husband that works most nights and it's just me, food issues kid, another kid, plus sports, it's easy to see how I became a short order cook. Son #2 eats decently but I can't get him to eat any seafood. He did recently try fried shrimp while we were out to dinner not long ago but I don't think it counts as "eating seafood" when it's fried!

I threw some nuggets into the toaster oven, boiled some water for the egg noodles, steamed the asparagus, and turned the oven on to cook the tilapia filets.

Ten minutes later, I smelled this:

Yeah. So it's important to always look in the oven before you turn it on, just in case *someone* put clean dishes in there that they didn't feel like putting away in the proper spot. I would love to ban my husband from stepping foot into the kitchen :)

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