April 23, 2013

Can You Say Growth Spurt?

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but my 11 year old had a bit of the growth spurt this past year. It wasn't the growth spurt we were hoping for (in height), but he managed to gain 14 pounds while only growing 2 inches this past year.

Take a guess which pile doesn't fit?

It seems as though he has skipped over size 12 entirely. Seriously? Two pairs in that pile were size 8 and most were size 10's. These all fit at the beginning of the school year.  The lone pair of cargos on the right are a size 12. If he gains one more pound, they won't fit either.

The good news is he prefers to only wear athletic shorts and that's pretty much what he wears to school every single day.  Fine by me. They are relatively cheap to buy. But with our cruise coming up, he will need some nicer shorts so off to the stores I go. I figure 3-4 pairs of "nice" shorts should suffice.

I know. What kid needs 15 pairs of shorts. Did I mention I don't like to do laundry? And before this past fall, he didn't like to wear cotton shorts or althetic shorts of any kind? So you see, having 15 pairs of "nice" shorts isn't THAT crazy.

T-shirts is where I really need to have an intervention .... hahahahaha

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