April 9, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

It's the name of the game the past few days.  The weekend was jam-packed with sports, errands, scoping out long-term pet care facilities, and ended with a well-deserved dinner out with friends on Sunday evening. Yesterday I spent the day at an exhilarating auditing conference. I know you're jealous.

Where to start.

Let's start with the animals. It's more fun.  With our upcoming cruise, we need to make pet care arrangements for the dog and the problem cat.  The (easy) cat will just stay at home and my sister will come check on her a few times. She'll be fine. Trying to board her will be a lot more traumatic then leaving her in a quiet house. She's 13, set in her ways, and doesn't like change! Problem cat must be boarded or I have to leave her outside - which would be cruel. I wouldn't want her to think we abandoned her and since she's constantly in and out of the house and no one can stay at my house, I have no other options but to board her.  She's been boarded before and survived!

The dog ... Gunner Gunner Gunner. He's the one I'm most worried about.  He loves attention. Craves it. Expects it 24/7! So I'm a bit concerned about how he'll handle being separated from us (for the 1st time) in a "strange" place while we're away. I did some Facebook polling and some searching online to find the perfect place.  We "surprise" visited the place on Sunday and were given a tour on the spot. It was very clean and the caretakers were very engaging with the animals who were staying there.  Each suite has it's own outdoor run and they leave TV's on for the dogs. Many of the suites face each other in some way so the dogs can see each other. I suppose that can be good and bad but at least they won't feel so alone.

They also have a fantastic outdoor area with lots of room for dogs to run. I think this will be the perfect place for Gunner to stay while we're gone. The boys and The Husband agreed. If you're local to southern NJ and want to check out the place, here is the link:


Next! Sports.  This might get ugly. The good news is Son #1 scored his first lacrosse goal on Sunday. He was beyond proud of himself. His team is now 2-2.

And the bad news ... we found another terrible coach. This time is a soccer coach.  Son #2's team played their 5th losing game on Sunday, and with 8 minutes left to go in the game and we're losing 0-3, the coach sat down on the bench. SAT DOWN. As if to say, I'm done with this. What kind of example does that set?!

Livid doesn't even begin to explain my reaction. Two days later and I'm still fuming about his behavior on that field Sunday afternoon. He's a grown man, for crying out loud, and these are 8 and 9 year old kids!!

Needless to say, I had two strong martinis during dinner on Sunday night and they were wonderful. I'm seriously concerned about the people involved in kid's athletics these days. It seems like everywhere you turn, it's full of cocky, immature, drama-seeking "adults."  I've almost had enough.

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