March 11, 2013

The Wait is Over

When we moved into this house about 4 and half years ago, we inherited the washer and dryer from the previous home owner. They were in "ok" shape but nothing spectacular. The machines did their job. About a year or so ago we bought a newish dryer off of friends who were moving and couldn't take their washer and dryer with them. At the time, we passed on taking the washer too, b/c they had just had an issue with it and I didn't want to replace a working washer with a newer washer that had a spotty performance record. At that point, we just decided to continue to use our old washer until it died.

That day has arrived.

On Saturday I put in a load of clothes and forgot about it. Several times during the day I remembered that I needed to switch it over to the dryer but it never happened. Sunday morning I finally got around to it and imagine my surprise when I opened the lid to the washing machine to find it still full of water! I look at the dials ... hmmm... it appears to have gone through the wash cycle since it was in the "off" position ... so I turned the dial in an attempt to get it start back up mid-cycle but it wouldn't work.  I was able to get it to spin out the water using the "agitate" cycle and then put it through the extra rinse and spin cycle so all was not lost.

Hoping maybe I was just crazy, I put in another load and got the same result. The washer was full of water at the end of the normal wash cycle. So again, I manipulated the cycles to spin, rinse and spin the load again. Annoying! Who has time to babysit their washing machine through a wash cycle? Not this girl!

I was at Home Depot by 11:30 am and back in my car at 11:55 am ... my new HE (top loading) washer will be delivered on Thurday. I don't mess around!

Maybe when the new washer arrives I'll enjoy doing laundry? hahaha  Cannot believe I just typed that. I'll settle for quicker wash & dry times!

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