March 21, 2013

Mini Birdhouse Decor

I got my crafting on this weekend, after spotting this cute and easy project in a local store.  How cute are these little guys? They are each about 5 inches tall and they were only a dollar a piece! I already had the craft paint at home so the only thing left to buy was the self-sticking sheet of moss, for which I applied a 40% off coupon.

I lightly sanded each birdhouse before painting. I put three coats of the paint on each house (maybe I should have primed them!)   Once they were dry, they were sprayed with a matte finish spray. When that dried, I cut the moss to the exact dimensions needed to cover each rooftop. I simply removed the backing from the moss and stuck it right on. No gluing necessary.

Two are now sitting on the mantle in my family room and the third is greeting visitors in my foyer. I love them!

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