March 5, 2013

Chocolate Bunny Explosion

We have a great Amish Market near our home.  They sell a jarred all-natural corn salsa that I cannot get enough of ... it's so good!  My jar at home was empty so I took a quick trip there to buy some more.

Holy Easter candy! The place was overrun with Easter candy. It was everywhere! I have to keep reminding myself that Easter is very early this year.

If you're ever looking for a certain hard-to-find nut, snack mix, spice, flour, etc., you can be sure to find it at this place. My only complaint is the prices. Freshly made donuts, other baked goods, and prepared food, the prices are fair. But in the candy department, eh, unless you are looking for something special, you can do better elsewhere for the same or better quality.

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