March 8, 2013

A Party Filled Weekend

Tonight Son #1 is having a few friends over to celebrate his birthday. I feel like I've been celebrating his birthday for the past two weeks. First, with the family party on the 24th, then his actual birthday on the 28th, and then we went to Outback for dinner on the 1st.

This friend party isn't too big, as I cut him off from big parties last year with the arrival of his 10th birthday. So tonight we're ordering pizza, eating cupcakes and ice cream, and put together some Minute to Win It games. It should be fun! (Stay tuned for a future post about the games we selected!)

On Saturday we have dentist appointments. What? That isn't a party? I like clean teeth and force clean teeth onto my children twice a year. Hey, it's what good mothers do, despite the protests. They will thank me one day.

Saturday night Son #2 is attending his first sleepover. We know of the family but don't know them personally yet he has his heart set on going, probably because his friend J is going too. I'm about 60% sure I'll get a phone call to come pick him around midnight! But we'll see ... it's time to let him spread his wings just a little bit.

Sunday brings another nephew's birthday party but we have a scheduling conflict. We have an away soccer game at 3:30 while the party starts at 2pm ... so it looks like The Hubby and  #1 will attend the party while I accompany #2 to his soccer game. This is one reason why two children is perfect ... the one-on-one scenario!

Should I admit I'll probably be happy to come to work on Monday to rest?!

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