March 13, 2013

4th Birchbox

It feels like I just got the February Birchbox, which I guess is mostly true since it's delivery was delayed by a New England blizzard.  So the March box is here and I'm happy to report there are no colored hair ties in it! Woohoo!

Here's what's in the box:

1.  Madewell Emery board ... with a fancy floral pattern on it. Reminds me a spring!

2.  Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator ... and exfoliating cleanser. I used it last night and while it's a bit gritty, my skin felt really soft! Full-size is $34.  I need to use it a few more times before I'd consider spending the money.

3.  Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo ... Since I already have a much cheaper dry shampoo that I like, I doubt I'd pay $25 for a full-size can of this. Nicely scented!

4.  Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream ... funny they sent this because I was just thinking I needed to change up my eye cream routine. I used this last night. Very smooth - a little goes a long way.  Full-size is $25.

5.  Stella Cadente Miss Me Parfum (in the pink pouch) ... the description reads, "a blend of peony, orange, and silkwood blossoms make this a bestselling European scent..."  When I tried it, it smelled like baby powder to me? It was a pleasant scent, but not sure if I want to smell like a baby's butt! Full-size is $35-$69.

The extra little card you see is just an advertisement for Madewell and a coupon code offer to shop at the Birchbox store. Coincidentally, I did make me first purchase about two weeks ago. I decided my hair needed the Keratase Nuritive Nectar Thermique included in the January box (it's a leave in cream to repair damamge from chemical processing and protect strands from heat styling.) I love how soft my hair felt when I use it and when I didn't use it, my hair felt dry so I decided it was worth the price tag. Plus, you only need a little bit so the full-size bottle for last for quite awhile.

All in all, I liked the box this month! Thanks Birchbox!

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