February 19, 2013

Spring Soccer Starts

I think I finally have feeling back in my toes ... soccer practice started last night! But I suppose that's my penance for mandating involvement with a team sport this spring. I was amazed to see some other teams also practicing last night and a few of the girls were wearing short shorts? Seriously? If we were lucky, it was 30 degrees on that field last night.

Son #2 last played soccer during the fall season os 2011 so it's been well over a year since he's played. He moaned and groaned a bit about going to practice, mostly because we weren't sure who was on his team. Thankfully, he knows a few of the boys and had a great time last night!

When we got home he took a quick shower, ate 2 bowls of Apple Jacks, and curled up on the couch. He was exhausted.


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