February 11, 2013


I'm so very thankful we only got an inch of snow over the weekend. The forecasting was all over the place for us. First they said rain, then sleet/ice/rain, then snow, then the forecast changed back to rain but said it would change over to snow and to expect a 3-6 inch accumulation ... these weather people could not make up their minds!

I love a good JANUARY snowstorm but by the time February rolls around, all the stores and TV ads are throwing spring and summer in your face so the last thing I want to deal with is snow.  And since I bought my 8 year old new boots a few weeks ago, I pretty much single-handedly assured our region that it would not snow this winter. You're welcome. Our last decent snowstorm was in 2010.  So this can only mean one thing:  we'll be dealing with a hell-ish snowy winter very, very soon.

On to other interesting news, my son is supposed to have his first soccer practice tonight ... I'm betting that won't happen because it's been raining since 2am.

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