February 13, 2013

Puppy Update

It's almost funny to use the term "puppy" and Gunner in the same sentence because while he may technically still be a puppy, he doesn't come close to looking like one. He was 17lbs when we brought him home at 8 weeks old; now he's 90lbs. So he's gained an average of 9lbs a month since June!  We're not sure how much bigger he will get. Length-wise, we're pretty sure he's done growing but I'm sure he'll still fill out some. We're expecting at least another 20lbs of dog.

His ear:  That damn ear. It will not go up. We've tried several methods at several different times to get that ear to stay up. It just won't.  You can feel the difference in the cartilage in his ear - it formed wrong. We aren't sure how that happened since we've been very concerned about that ear the entire time. So he's a one ear up, one ear down German Shepherd ... unless we decide to do a cosmetic surgery to correct it. 

House training:  He is completely house trained. He can go close to 10 hours without needing to be let outside. This is awesome.

Food:  Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy is still our dry food of choice.  He's been slightly spoiled  and thoroughly enjoys having table scraps put into his bowl.  We still feed him twice a day, morning and night.  He's eating about 6 cups of dry food each day. He loves cheese and will do anything for it. If you say the word cheese, he immediately sits (even if he was just running around,) perks his ears and just waits for you to give him a piece.

Walks:  LOVES them, as most dogs do, I suppose.  The boys typically walk him after school and every night, even in the freezing cold, I take him for a walk before I sit down for the night, usually around 9pm.  When we get about a block from our house, I make him sit, say "good boy?", and put his leash in his mouth.  He runs a bit and turns to looks for me, and then sprints to the garage door every time. It's the best thing ever! He is a good boy.

Training:  With our trainer has been going slow. We've missed or it's been cancelled the past 4 Saturdays for various reasons, weather included. So at this point, I almost feel like we'll be starting over. I'm a little frustrated that the only option is Saturday AM training sessions. We may have to talk to him about that.

Behavior:  He will act out if he's left alone for too long or if we all leave the house at the same time. He's a bit spiteful like that so we have to be very careful about what is left around the kitchen. He has plenty of toys he can play with but of course he chooses "trouble" most of the time. He has not tried to chew any furniture - it's just stupid stuff. Like the dish towel, or a plant, mail, the recycling ... you get the idea.

My cats:  They still hate him and avoid him at all costs.  Gunner is insanely curious about the creatures he generally only gets a glimpse of ... I can hold my 5 year cat and bring her close to him while telling him to be nice and they will sniff each other but that's about as nice as it gets. If she happens to come into the kitchen while he's there, the chase is on.  My older cat flips out if I even try to bring her downstairs!

Between the kids, the dog and running interference for the cats, my house is quite literally a zoo but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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