February 26, 2013

Pinterest Idiocracy

I've been spending some time on Pinterest and maybe I'm spending too much time there because some things are really starting to annoy me.  It has mostly to do with people's descriptions of the pictures they are pinning.

There's a very easy way to leave a personal comment about a particular pin so why do people put their comments as the description? Doesn't this defeat the point of describing the actual pin? Saying "OMG I'm sooooo doing this" doesn't help me search for that great idea, recipe, quote, etc.

I dare you ... type in "OMG I'm sooooo doing this" into the search bar to see the thousands of random pins that come up. It's hysterical and annoying all at the same time.

When I pin something, I've actually been taking the time to delete any stupid personal comments in the description area so that it makes the actual pin idea searchable.

Some other "favorite"  descriptions are:

"A pinner said...."


"Best ____ Ever"

"OMG This is so true!"

"Brilliant" or "Genius"

I'm just one person trying to fix Pinterest. It may take awhile. Bear with me.

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