February 7, 2013

In Local News...

I love a good murder case. I'm a frequent viewer of all the true crime stories on TV, including the Dateline and 20/20 shows.  It's even more entertaining when it involves the most idiotic people on the planet! Not only did this 37 year old woman convince her 22 year old boy-toy to murder her husband but they text messaged each other AS the murder was being committed!

Are you kidding me?

Four days later when they decide it was time to burry the body, they also texted back and forth AS the boy-toy was digging the hole, joking about how much more he needed to dig and how he needed a shower.

Are you kidding me?

At least they were smart enough to have a Plan B when Plan A didn't work out. Plan A was to get the victim to drink a poisoned Snapple but (I guess) he wasn't drinking it fast enough so the boy-toy opted to beat the victim to death with a shovel.

I joke and I realize this isn't a joking matter at all, especially for the victim's family, but the intellect of some of these people is just mindblowing! Sure, divorce is messy and expensive so let's just kill the guy instead? At what point did they believe they would not get caught?

So instead of divorcing the victim, she's now spending the rest of her life in jail. The boy-toy was sentenced to 40-80 years in jail. He'll be approximately 65 years old IF he's ever released. That's essentially a life sentence too.

I hope it was worth it.

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