February 1, 2013

Healthy or Sick?

I am fully aware that's flu season but wow, it seems like same adults and kids are sick every other week! My family has been spared, as we typically are, unless you count my two sinus infections since Christmas.

I've always found it interesting to consider at a family's lifestyle to figure out why one family is sick more often than another family. Is it just good luck or is it more than that? If you were a germ-a-phoebe when they were babies, once they are school-aged, do they pick up every little bug that comes around? Do vaccinations (or lack thereof ) play a role?  Good hygiene is important of course, but in my experience, the hygiene of 98% of kids (including my own) is lacking.

When my boys were little, I was not an uptight mother. Their vaccinations were given on time. I didn't make family members sanitize their entire bodies before they held my babies. I'm certain they even licked their fair share of store carts! The boys were in various daycare situations while they were little and I like to think that, along with always having pets in the house, has afforded them with the great immune systems they both possess.

And for that, I am so very thankful.

Sure, we've had a few tummy bugs along the way but they are very few and far between.  Neither have had the flu, despite it running rampant in their schools. And as a rule, we skip the flu vaccine every year.

I have two requirements before they go to bed each night: they must wash their hands and they must blow their nose. No sleeping with clogged nasal passages in my house because it doesn't take much for that gunk to travel down the back of your throat, into your chest, and begin to cause trouble.  I believe these two simple rules are responsible for keeping my kids free from sickness.

Here's to hoping we sail through the rest of this winter healthy!

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